Bye Bye Native Apps

Android 4 in sights I recently attended an amazing technical workshop deepen some new paradigms of this fresh version. Efficient, affordable and manageable software development in mind I wonder what might be a meaningful path for software development today. The situation is: We have 3 major desktop platforms: Linux – Mac OS – Windows We have […]


seit einem Monat ackere ich nun im Google+ umher. So recht zufrieden bin ich nicht. Was mich am meisten stört: man hat null feedback, ob einladung rausgegangen sind oder nicht personen, die man eingeladen hat, erscheinen immer wieder neu als Vorschläge zum erneuten einladen. Wenn man die selbe Person dann zum 2. oder 3.ten mal […]

going commercial with socials

This week some article inspired me: The times are gone were social networks are a playground. Rather the time has come to build commercial applications leveraging the social network functionalities. Just Google published an API for the the Google+ Now I wonder: What might be good business ideas for that? Which service could be set […]