About Andreas Wittig


Technical Skills
  • Java and PHP software development
  • certified  Professional Scrum Master
  • IT project management, product management, business engineering, system development, software architectures, local and remote software deployments, data modeling
  • web design, usability, device independent mobile development
  • business process modeling and implementation
  • deep study of mathematics and computer sciences
  • software developer right from the beginning
  • coding for fun https://minderwert.de
  • further Job description, competence and history: Job Suche 2017
Social Skills
  • combination of social engagement with commercial interests
  • general design and art
  • evolvement of scripting frameworks
  • mathematics, theory of informatics and its application
  • literature (favorites Jostein Gaarder, Bertold Brecht, Franz Kafka, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Max Frisch, Stefan Zweig, Wolfgang v. Goethe, Fjodor Dostojewski)
  • voluntary service at church community Minden-Hahlen for technics, web presence, musician
  • religion, philosophy, psychology, pedagogics, coaching
  • playing guitar, piano and cello, theory of harmonics
  • marathon running: my runtastic profile
  • ballroom dance